S01 Episode 00 - Welcome to the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast

CoachMe Vancouver is a podcast that introduces you to Vancouver-based coaches who will help you take your life, career or company to the next level.

What is Coaching? CoachMe founder Nadine Stille interviews coaches who answer the What, Why, Who, and When of Coaching. As you Listen, you get to know each coach, their personal style and individual expertise, helping you to find and Connect with your perfect coach.

You will learn valuable insights on how to start Thriving right away on topics spanning your career, wellbeing, relationships, leadership, corporate matters, personal growth, life coaching, and much, much more.

CoachMe Vancouver is the one-stop community for you to meet and book your local coaches.

You can book your perfect coach directly through CoachMeVancouver.com/book – the one-stop coaching community site.

Nadine is so excited to learn alongside with you and get inspired. She is a naturally curious person and loves bringing people together and helping them Thrive.

CoachMe Vancouver. Listen. Connect. Thrive.

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CoachMe Vancouver Teaser

Hi Vancouver!

You’ve heard about coaching but don’t know where to start searching to find the right coach for you? CoachMe Vancouver has got you covered!

Check out CoachMeVancouver.com where:

You can search for different featured coaches – all in one space.

Get valuable insights to each coach via short, engaging podcasts so you’ll know you’re on the right track with a coach even before you reach out.

Then book your coach directly via CoachMeVancouver.com

CoachMe Vancouver. Listen. Connect. Thrive.

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