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What is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.”

To find out the difference between coaching and mentoring, please see this question further below.


How to find a coach in Vancouver, B.C. with CoachMe Vancouver?

Step 1) To find and identify your perfect coach in Vancouver, go to Find My Coach on

  • Either use the search function and enter a few keywords

  • Or Listen to the podcast interviews to get insights and learn right away

  • Look for a coach that aligns with your goals and has the experience and background you require to Thrive

Step 2) Go to Book My Coach to request a free*, initial consultation session

*unless otherwise stated

Step 3) Your Coach will contact you to align on a time and place that suits you both

  • Did you know that coaching is just as effective via phone and video-calling as it is face-to-face? This makes it so much more accessible for everyone as you cancel out the commute, and you can have your coaching session during your lunch break or any time that suits you both.

Step 4) You and Your Coach Connect (either in person or virtually). You’ll chat about your goals and what you hope to achieve. Both of you will then decide together how to move forward and book your next coaching sessions.


What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching vs mentoring is one of the most common questions.

In coaching, you, the coachee, is considered to be the expert in your life. The coach will ask powerful and thought-provoking questions to tease the solutions, a way forward, or a realization and learning out of you. Coaching takes a holistic approach, considering the entire person, rather than just one topic and issue.

In mentoring, the mentor is considered the expert in one particular area and tells the mentee how to proceed for a specific topic or issue.

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What impact does coaching have?

In 2017, PwC conducted a commissioned Global Consumer Awareness Study on behalf of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The survey spanned 30 countries with more than 27,000 people participating overall. Results are available per country.

These here are the top 6 results surveyed Canadians experienced, once they experienced professional, career, and/ or life coaching:

  1. Increased Productivity

  2. Improved Communication Skills

  3. Increased Self-Esteem/ Self-Confidence

  4. Improved Work-Life Balance

  5. Optimized Individual/ Team Work Performance

  6. Increased Well-Being

For more information on the survey results, check out the Top 6 Results Canadian’s Received from Coaching.


What are the different types of coaching?

Depending on the coach’s area of expertise and training, they may concentrate on a particular area, work with clients who have a specific goal in mind, or flexibly coach in any of the different types of coaching.

We’ve listed some of the most common types of coaching here. However, there are a lot more niche-coaching types available.

Different types of coaching are:

Life Coaching  |  Business Coaching  |  Performance Coaching  |  Executive Coaching  |  Leadership Coaching  |  Wellness Coaching  |  Group Coaching  |  Relationship Coaching  |  Personal Development Coaching  |  Career Coaching  |  Confidence Coaching  


How much does coaching cost?

What is higher productivity worth to you? Or better communication skills, more self-esteem/ self-confidence, or a much better work-life balance?

For how long have you been meaning to go for a career change but haven’t taken the leap and are potentially missing out on a higher salary, or have you wanted to pay more attention to your overall wellness?

A coach will help you identify and Connect you with your goals. Sometimes this can be surprising, as you think you might want one thing, only to find out that the underlying goal is to achieve something altogether different.

A coach will also help you create a path towards achieving your goals, then hold you accountable.

We’ve listed the top 6 impacts as a result of coaching that surveyed Canadians noticed after engaging in a coaching relationship.

That being said, as with any profession, coaching rates vary and depend on the coach’s training, experience level, certification, and coaching offerings (i.e. 1-on-1 sessions, group sessions, etc.). 1-on-1 sessions can range from around $80-200, with many executive leadership or corporate coaches charging above those rates.

This is why we think it’s important to find the perfect coach for you. You can read about individual coaches on profile pages, Listen to coaches’ engaging podcast interviews, and book a free alignment session with them to decide if you and Your Coach are a great match.


How long is a typical coaching session?

Most 1-on-1 coaching sessions are somewhere between 30-60min. When you first meet or chat with Your Coach, this is one of the questions to align on. The length of your session really depends on both of your schedules, the goals and topics you’d like to discuss, the frequency of your coaching sessions, and the coach’s offerings.

For more tips on what do clarify during your first coaching session, download our checklist.


Is coaching always face-to-face?

No, not necessarily. Coaching sessions can happen via phone, Skype or Zoom meetings, or even video chats. This ensures more flexibility and allows for different time schedules and reduces commuting efforts to and from a face-to-face meeting.

How you meet and conduct your coaching sessions is one of many questions you will discuss with Your Coach when you Connect during your initial alignment. For more tips on what to think about before, and clarify during your first coaching session, download our checklist.


What is the coaching Wheel of Life and how do I get one?

The Wheel of Life are self-discovery exercises are powerful tools for different areas in your life. They can be used for your own personal self-reflection, but will also make excellent, valuable conversation starters for your first coaching session.  

At CoachMe Vancouver, we have several different categories for your Wheel of Life, including:

  • Health, Wellness, Work-Life Balance

  • Job & Career

  • Personal Growth & Interpersonal Relationships

  • Corporate/Organizational (if you’re an entrepreneur or in a leading corporate position, look into taking your organization to the next level)

  • Create Your Own

The CoachMe Vancouver Wheel of Life is exclusively available to subscribers of the CoachMe Vancouver newsletter. Once subscribed, you have the option to download a .pdf document or an interactive spreadsheet version. Get your CoachMe Vancouver Wheel of Life by subscribing here:


What is the coaching GROW model?

Especially for goal-orientated career and business coaching, the GROW model is a simple method that can be applied by coaches and coachees alike to help them set goals, solve problems, and move forward.

G – What is the ultimate Goal to achieve?

R – What does the Reality look like right now?

O – What Obstacles need to be overcome and what Options are available to overcome these obstacles?

W – Knowing how to overcome the obstacles builds the foundation for a Way Forward.