What's New for Season 2 with Nadine Stille - CoachMe Founder - S02 E00

What's New for Season 2 with Nadine Stille - CoachMe Founder - S02 E00 - CoachMe Vancouver Podcast

Hello and welcome to the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast!

My name is Nadine Stille, Founder of CoachMe Vancouver, and I’m proud to announce the start of Season 2 on International Podcast Day!

I’ll be your host for all episodes and am super excited to learn alongside you and get inspired as I’ll interview this season’s coaches and guests.

We’re recording live from Downtown Vancouver.

Season 2 of our CoachMe podcast will have all of the established best bits of Season 1 and some amazing new additions - all with the focus to help you thrive, reach your amazing goals, live a more fulfilling life, have the career of your dreams, and the right balance for you.

You’ll get to know Vancouver-based coaches who will help you take your life, career, or business to the next level.

The coaching podcast will be concentrating on very specific topics and you will learn valuable insights from our qualified coaches simply by tuning in. Topics will include career and leadership, wellbeing, achieving your life goals, mastering times of transition, being clearer about what you want, and so much more.

You’ll get to know the coaches through the interview, find out how they can specifically support you, and experience what coaching with them will be like.

In addition, we’ll cover topics related to personal and professional development by featuring experts and specific topic enthusiasts.

While we’re kicking off Season 2 on International Podcast Day, going forward you’ll find our new episodes every second Tuesday.

So, make sure to subscribe to our CoachMe podcast via your preferred podcast provider and be notified automatically when we have a new episode available. We’re now featured on over a dozen different platforms.

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Until the next podcast episode - Stay curious!