S01 Episode 11 - From Zero to 250, S01 Wrap-up

Coach in Vancouver Podcast S01 Wrap Up - Nadine Stille - CoachMe Vancouver

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast! My name is Nadine Stille, and we’re recording live from downtown Vancouver!

This is a celebratory podcast!

Our very 1st season of the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast is coming to an end.  I can hardly believe how fast time has passed!

You know, in coaching we work with a lot of visualization techniques and metaphors. Right now, I’d love to share a quick story with you. A story about racing cars. Racing cars?


Specifically Formula 1 cars - the best and fastest in the world.

I’ve been a fan for many years! I love watching the drivers, teams, and racing activities on tv. I’d get up at 5am on Saturdays to watch the qualification races from wherever around the world the actual race was going to be the following Sunday. I loved watching the best of the best, the excitement, the team work, the discipline, the absolute motivation of each driver to study the track, weather conditions, the software, tires, every aspect of the car, and on top of that be fit for a 2h mentally and physically challenging race at 35degrees Celsius. It’s awe-inspiring!

For the last 3 months, as the founder of CoachMe Vancouver, I’ve felt like an F1 driver for the very first time, and with CoachMe as my performance vehicle, I still feel super excited!

I sat behind the steering wheel, and went from Zero to 250 in no time. Woohoo! What an exhilarating drive! I took in my surroundings, studied the conditions, learned about the soft-and hardware, worked with truly outstanding people, and took to the track while continuing to learn, and REALLY enjoyed the fast ride.

Now, I’ll be heading to the garage and for a brief pit stop. With the end of Season 1 of the CoachMe Vancouver podcast, I’ll evaluate all the data, come up with a plan to get faster and better, get fitter, be more strategic, and come back with new parts and upgrades.

So, while you may not see or hear me out on the track with the podcast, I’ll still be hustling, bustling, strategizing, meeting and onboarding new coaches, coordinating events so we can all meet again face-to-face, and much, much more. 

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It’s been a pleasure having you tune in for Season 1! A huge, appreciative THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this journey possible.

Until sometime soon!

Stay curious!