S01 Episode 10 - You Are Enough! Challenge Your Inner Critic!

Coaches in Vancouver Podcast - You Are Enough - CoachMe Vancouver


Do you feel as if you are never “enough”, no matter how many milestones you’ve achieved? Let Faris Khalifeh, Joanna Li (CPCC, ACC), and Lara Marchionni Jones, take you through what their experiences are in empowering clients to overcome this notion about themselves and feel that they are “enough”.

Our guests this week are:

  • Joanna Li (CPCC, ACC) – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Talent Development Coach

  • Lara Marchionni Jones – Leadership, Career & Life Coach

  • Faris Khalifeh – Coach for values-driven Introvert Entrepreneurs

Key Takeaway Summaries from this week’s podcast

  • We find out that everyone has at least one (!) Inner Critic.

  • We learn how we can identify our Inner Critic and what roles it plays in everyday life.

  • We chat about different examples of how Inner Critics can hold us back.

  • We also focus on solutions during coaching, like using different perspectives, both physically and mentally.

    • “Imagine what’s possible.”

    • “How is your belief holding you back?”

    • “What would your Inner Leader (opposed to your Inner Critic) do?”

  • We chat about us being in charge and in the driver’s seat in everyday life.

  • We learn several great ways of how to keep our Inner Critic at bay and why those tips work. This includes self-awareness exercises, meditation, physical reminders, embodiment of Inner Critics & Leaders, and practicing self-compassion.

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