S01 Episode 09 - Coaching For Wellness - What, Why, How

Coaches in Vancouver Podcast - Coaching For Wellness - CoachMe Vancouver


This is a special podcast focussing on wellbeing & wellness through coaching.

Our guests this week are:

  • Dana Smith – Life and Success Coach

  • Mina Phaisaltantiwongs – Personal and Professional Development Coach

  • Hellen Yang – Professional Life & Financial Wellness Coach

Key Takeaway Summaries from this week’s podcast

  • 3 of the top 6 results surveyed Canadians experienced as a result of coaching, relate to a wellbeing aspect. So, through coaching, clients would experience:

    • Increased Self-Confidence/ Esteem

    • Improved Work-Life-Balance

    • Increased Well-Being

  • We learn about wellness & wellbeing coaching, including financial wellness, health, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, personal development, growth and learning. 

  • We find out the most common topics our coaches support with, including finding clarity and direction both in life and career, financial wellness, and self-confidence.

  • We also discuss work-life balance and read out comments from CoachMe Social Media followers about their views on work-life balance: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

    • We chat about different ways to address work-life balance and exchange “balance” with words like “flow” and “harmony”

    • We get a reminder that it’s important to know we’re not helplessly exposed to our situations, but can make informed decisions from the driver’s seat.

  • We acknowledge the difficulties of saying “no”, setting boundaries, and asserting ourselves.

  • We learn common things that keep people from achieving wellness/ wellbeing including:

    • Low self-awareness which oftentimes leads to accommodating others over our own needs

    • Negative self-talk “I can’t do this. I shouldn’t do this.”

    • Fears and limiting beliefs.

  • We get clarification on how coaching can help with wellbeing and wellness both in life and career.

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