S01 Episode 05 - Dana Smith

Coach in Vancouver Podcast - Dana Smith - CoachMe Vancouver


Our guest this week is Dana Smith, a Life & Success Coach

  • We learn about resilience and the ability to bounce back after adversity.

  • We find out why it’s important to Listen to your body and mind, and why personal beliefs and lack of self-compassion may hold a person back.

  • We also discover how Dana’s unique background in the health profession helps her serve her coaching clients using a more holistic approach.

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Key Takeaway Summary

  • We learn about Dana’s coaching story and how her background helps her take a holistic view of helping people Thrive

  • Dana explains her approach to coaching as being very intuitive, trusting, spiritual, and client-based.

  • Dana introduces us to her area of expertise of Life & Success Coaching and we explore topics such as resilience, self-compassion, personal believes & truths, hope, and feeling less overwhelmed.

  • 3 coaching questions to help us listeners Thrive:

    • What does your body want you to know right now?

    • What will you say “no” to?

    • Who are you becoming?

  • Dana tells us that she particularly likes working with women who are go-getters, show up whole-heartedly, and want to make a strong impact on the world, be it as entrepreneurs, professionals, or artists, as well as women planning motherhood or are about to go/ are in/ coming out of, a transition phase. Dana operates from a spiritual place and likes exploring this with her clients if they want to.

  • We talk about one of the books Dana currently read and recommends: The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want - Sonya Lyubomirski

  • Questions In A Bag – Find out the answers to these random questions: “What is important to you?”, “What’s on your mind?”, “What is your dream?”

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