S01 Episode 04 - Lara Marchionni Jones

Coach in Vancouver Podcast - Lara Marchionni Jones - CoachMe Vancouver


Our guest this week is Lara Marchionni Jones, Leadership, Career & Life Coach.

  • We talk about coaching driven women and entrepreneurs, and how Lara helps them realize their dreams.

  • We learn about identifying your own spark.

  • Lara tells us about digging deep during trusting coaching relationships.  

  • … and we discover what Lara does when she listens to her clients say or not say certain things.

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Key Takeaway Summary

  • We learn about Lara’s coaching story.

  • Lara talks about coaching driven women as well as entrepreneurs, and how she helps them achieve amazing things in their careers.

  • We find out more about one of Lara’s most effective coaching questions she likes to explore with clients: “What drives you? What gives you a sense of joy and a spark?”

  • We also learn how you can identify your own spark.

  • We hear about Lara being truly present to build trusting coaching relationships, which helps her and clients dig deep during sessions and make a bigger impact.

  • Lara shares her thoughts about coaching as a job: “It gives me great satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment to see the impact I make on people’s lives.”

  • We find out about Lara’s favourite book and what influence it has on her: Multipliers, Revised and Updated: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter – Liz Wiseman

  • Questions In A Bag – Find out the answers to these random questions: “What do you love about Vancouver?”, “Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to speak to animals?”, “Car, Transit, Bike or Walk?”

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