S01 Episode 03 - 2019 WIT Regatta MotherSHIP Main Event

Coach in Vancouver Podcast WiT Regatta - Nadine Stille - CoachMe Vancouver

For this very special podcast, we were thrilled to be part of the evening gala event of the Women in Tech Regatta, a week-long boutique conference for women in tech. The WiT Regatta was originally founded by Melody Biringer in Seattle, and has since moved to cities like Amsterdam and Vancouver. With around 200 people attending the evening event at the Shangri-La hotel, CoachMe Vancouver provided 30 speed coaching sessions in 2 hours, with most people experiencing coaching for the very first time! How exciting!

While the coaching sessions were set up on the beautiful, warm and enclosed terrace, overlooking night time downtown Vancouver, we chatted and engaged with event attendees about coaching inside the exhibition area and couldn’t quite believe how fast time flew by.

We also recorded the majority of this special podcast with people attending, as well as representatives from local non-profit organizations supporting women in tech, STEM, business, and leadership.

You’ll specifically be hearing from:

In this podcast:

  • You’ll learn how each non-profit organization supports women and what events and activities you can participate in.

  • You’ll hear about coaching experiences.

  • Discover more about the WiT Regatta Mantra #RelationshipsAreTheTrueCurrency

  • Participants share goals for 2019.

  • And a lot more.

Thank you so much to each and every one who made the podcast and speed coaching happen.

Links mentioned on the show: