S01 Episode 01 - Hellen Yang

Coach in Vancouver Podcast - Hellen Yang - CoachMe Vancouver


Our guest this week is Hellen Yang, a Professional Life & Financial Wellness Coach.

  • We talk about taking a holistic view at financial wellbeing and planning. What triggers and motivates you to say yes or no to the next spending or saving.

  • We learn about purposeful living and purposeful investing to intentionally plan for life dreams.  

  • Find out why identifying your values are key to achieving your goals and, most importantly, stay on track.

  • Discover what your clothing choices say about your personal values.

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Key Takeaway Summary

  • We learn about Hellen’s coaching story

  • Hellen introduces us to her area of expertise – Professional Life & Financial Wellness Coaching - and how she can help her clients

  • 3 coaching questions to help listeners Thrive

    • What’s important to you?

    • What’s really important to you?

    • What values do you honour by saying yes or no to the things or people that matter to you most?

  • We hear about inspiring coaching experiences that left Hellen in awe about her coachees and what difference coaching has made for her clients.

  • Hellen tells us about the people she likes to work with – “Anyone who is curious and open about making changes. Let’s connect.”

  • We learn more about Hellen, who describes herself as warm, thoughtful and deep; and her coaching style as human, thought provoking, transformative. “We’ll be turning your cocoon into a butterfly.”

  • Hellen shares her thoughts about coaching as a job: “I live and breathe coaching every day.”

  • We find out about Hellen’s favourite quote and what influence it has on her and other’s lives: “We’re human being, not human doing.”

  • Questions In A Bag – Find out the answers to these random questions: “Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?” “What do you love about Vancouver?” “What’s your favourite place in Vancouver?”

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