Find Your Ideal Career with Debbie Jones - Career & Leadership Coach - S02 E01

Find Your Ideal Career with Debbie Jones - Career and Leadership Coach - S02 E01 - CoachMe Vancouver Podcast


Our guest this week is Debbie Jones (CPCC), certified Career and Leadership Coach.

Debbie’s extensive experience in corporate Human Resources, combined with formal coach training, position her as an ideal coach in the areas of career and leadership development.      

As we spend a large part of our waking lives at work, she believes that it’s so important to ensure that we are spending that time doing something that fulfills us. And Debbie’s here to help us achieve that as well as overall career success.

Key Takeaway Summary from Season 2, Episode 01

  • We talk about finding our ideal career through coaching.

  • We learn about how we can find ourselves in the wrong career, and what effect a wrong career choice has on our life, health, and the people around us.

  • Find out a creative way to identify our ideal career.

  • Debbie walks us through a visualization exercise. Get your note book and pens ready to either write along or look for a quiet place to do the exercise while you’re listening in.

  • We’ll learn how Debbie uses the visualization information to identify next practical steps to get to your ideal job.

  • Questions In A Bag – Find out Debbie’s answers to these random questions:

    • “Car, Transit, Bike or Walking?”

    • “What’s on your mind?”

    • “What would you like to remembered for?”

In today’s show, Debbie takes us through a visualization exercise and outlines how this fits in with the overall coaching approach to identify our ideal career.

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Quote: “Coming from this place of excitement as opposed to a check box list, I think that makes it easier…. You need that excitement and energy to make big changes.”