S01 Episode 06 - Joanna Li

Coach in Vancouver Podcast - Joanna Li - CoachMe Vancouver


Our guest this week is Joanna Li, CPCC, ACC - Certified Professional Co-active Coach & Talent Development Coach

  • We learn how Joanna fearlessly inspires others to lead fulfilling lives

  • We find out how self-limiting beliefs, hidden fears, and “playing small” can hold you back from achieving your goals

  • Joanna shares how and which clients inspire her every day

  • And we find out about Joanna’s “Velvet Fist” coaching approach

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Key Takeaway Summary

  • We learn how Joanna’s experience of expectations being put on her with regards to career, life style, etc. left her feeling unfulfilled. That is, until she first encounter being coached, and how that coaching session turned out to be a life-changing conversation that set her upon her own coaching career.

  • We hear about identifying hidden fears and how people “play small” because of them.

  • Joanna tells us about her life purpose: “Fearlessly inspire others to lead fulfilling lives.”

  • 3 coaching questions to help us listeners Thrive:

    • When you feel a strong urge to do or not do something, ask yourself where this comes from. Does this feeling come from a place of fear or love?

    • If you identified a fear, ask yourself: “Is this belief true?”

    • Who would you be without that fear?

  • Joanna tells us an inspiring coaching story and why she loves her job as a coach.

  • She explains that clients usually come to her when they want to find out their purpose and goals in life, as well as overcoming self-limiting beliefs. She loves working with people who are serious about change and growth, people who feel lost or stuck, and are committed to fully take advantage of the coaching experience.

  • We hear all about Joanna’s coaching style: ”Velvet Fist

  • Joanna shares what her favourite quote means to her: “Where there’s a will, there is a way.”

  • Questions In A Bag – Find out the answers to these random questions: “What is important to you?”, “What is your dream?”, “What inspires you?”

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