🌸Say "yes" to yourself more often!

🌸Say "yes" to yourself more often!
Hello <<First Name>>,
It's Spring! Do you have a spring in your step too? I'm full of energy, motivation and ready to get things done - while also making sure to look out for myself. Catch my short video on Instagram.

If you feel the same you'll love what we've got in stock for you. 
  • Promo code 24Hours25 for our Speed Coaching Event, valid for another 24h
  • Life & Career Reinvention 
  • A group podcast all about wellness & wellbeing
  • Blogs about resilience and mindmapping
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Featured Podcasts:
In this podcast:  
  • We learn about reinventing your career (and life) in very creative ways.
  • We find out how Iris uses positive psychology for her coaching clients.
  • We also discover that she can coach in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • …and that Iris takes her clients on an exploratory treasure hunt

Iris’ Career Reinvention Bootcamp is happening on May 4th. Get a 15% discount when using promotion code COACHME at check-out

Iris' Podcast
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In this podcast:  
  • We learn about wellness & wellbeing coaching.

  • We find out the most common topics our coaches support with.

  • We also discuss work-life balance and hear input from CoachMe Social Media followers.

  • We talk about saying “no”, low self-awareness, negative self-talk, fears, limiting beliefs, and how coaching can help.

Coaching for Wellness Podcast
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Here are two fabulous guest blogs for you to dive into. More are available in our Thrive Centre.

3 Ways to Use Mind Mapping to Design Your Career & Get Unstuck - by Iris Cai

There’s a Crack in Everything. That’s How the Lights Gets in. A Story of Resilience. - by Glorie Averbach

That's it for now! We're grateful to have you with us and if there's anything we can do for you, please let us know.

Stay curious!