☀ Hello Confidence! ☀

☀ Hello Confidence! ☀
Hello <<First Name>>,

Earlier this week I teased you about an event that has been a long time coming, at a very unique location, with a topic that a lot of you have asked me about.

And now I can finally share this with you...

I'm super excited to welcome you to our brand new
Hello Confidence! event - a unique summer coaching workshop at the beautiful Kitsiliano Showboat stage at Kits beach.
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It's all about making you become a more confident you. 

Imagine what you could do, what you could achieve, and how you would feel with more confidence! 

Would you share your ideas with more people around you? Would you speak up? Would you go for that job you’ve had your eyes on for so long? Or would you even start your own hustle?

What would you do with more confidence?

So much is possible!

The good news: Confidence can be acquired and mastered, just like any other skill.

And we’d love to help you on your journey to a more confident you as we gently guide you out of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens!

Yes, this event is for you if:

•    You’d like to gain more self-confidence & self-esteem.

•    You’d like to become more self-assured, and free of doubt.

•    You’d like to build your resilience muscles, and deal better with set-backs.

What you can expect:

•    Playful and creative approaches to gently guide you out of your comfort zone – all while being in the trusting hands of our amazing, qualified coaches.

•    Coaching exercises such as identifying your Inner Leader (opposed to your Inner Critic), mindfulness, and improv approaches.

•    A supportive and safe learning environment with like-minded people, who are all in the same “boat” as you ;)

•    A unique outdoor setting, on the beautiful Kitsilano Showboat Stage, just a 10 min bus ride from Downtown Vancouver

PLUS: We’ll be following up the workshop a week later with a live group video chat. This way, we can reflect on our learnings again, re-connect with fellow attendees and coaches, share successes, ask questions, and co-design steps to include in your daily life for a more confident you.

This workshop will set you up on a journey towards more confidence. By attending you will:

•    Discover and learn how to use the strengths of your Inner Leader

•    Learn practical exercises and tips through mindfulness and improv that you can use in everyday life

•    Network with like-minded people and gain accountability.


Here's the best part:

Everyone in our Newsletter Community and our CoachMe Community Facebook Group has access to our CoachMe Friends discount.

You'll get 
30% off the General Admissions Ticket price. Tickets will never be available for purchase at lower price.

Use promo code CoachMeFriends at check-out for a General Admissions Ticket to secure your 30% off.
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Isn't it stunning? I took this photo on the 1st evening of our location hunt. 

Just a 10 minute bus ride from downtown Vancouver, the beautiful setting of the Kits Showboat will really enhance our Hello Confidence! experience.

We can't wait to guide you on your confidence journey.
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That's it for today! Thank you for being part of our CoachMe Newsletter Community. Have a fabulous week!
Stay curious!