1 Give-Away, 2 New Podcasts, 3 Social Media Interactions

1 Give-Away, 2 New Podcasts, 3 Social Media Interactions
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The above quote popped up on our Social Media feeds over the last few days and I couldn't agree more. 
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Featured Podcasts:
In this podcast:  
  • We talk about coaching driven women and entrepreneurs, and how Lara helps them realize their dreams.
  • We learn about identifying your own spark.
  • Lara tells us about digging deep during trusting coaching relationships.
  • And we discover what Lara does when she listens to her clients say or not say certain things.
Lara's Podcast
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In this podcast:
  • We learn about resilience and the ability to bounce back after adversity.
  • We find out why it’s important to Listen to your body and mind, and why personal beliefs and lack of self-compassion may hold a person back.
  • We also discover how Dana’s unique background in the health profession helps her serve her coaching clients using a more holistic approach.
Dana's Podcast
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