#HowTo say NO, be RESILIENT, & choose a COACH

#HowTo say NO, be RESILIENT, & choose a COACH
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This week, we've got some great resources for you to thrive and shine.
According to this article from the Guardian, our lives will improve when we say no more often. "We are used to saying yes to please others but it can be harmful not to be more assertive. And imagine what you can do with all that free time"
This is an insightful article from the World Economic Forum about how to build resilience from an early age and what impact that will have going into adulthood.
When to Choose a Consultant, Mentor, Coach or Therapist. This article was recently shared by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Whether it's about setting boundaries, dealing better with setbacks, or knowing that you'd like to work with a coach, we've got you covered.
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☀ Hello Confidence! ☀

☀ Hello Confidence! ☀
Hello <<First Name>>,

Earlier this week I teased you about an event that has been a long time coming, at a very unique location, with a topic that a lot of you have asked me about.

And now I can finally share this with you...

I'm super excited to welcome you to our brand new
Hello Confidence! event - a unique summer coaching workshop at the beautiful Kitsiliano Showboat stage at Kits beach.
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It's all about making you become a more confident you. 

Imagine what you could do, what you could achieve, and how you would feel with more confidence! 

Would you share your ideas with more people around you? Would you speak up? Would you go for that job you’ve had your eyes on for so long? Or would you even start your own hustle?

What would you do with more confidence?

So much is possible!

The good news: Confidence can be acquired and mastered, just like any other skill.

And we’d love to help you on your journey to a more confident you as we gently guide you out of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens!

Yes, this event is for you if:

•    You’d like to gain more self-confidence & self-esteem.

•    You’d like to become more self-assured, and free of doubt.

•    You’d like to build your resilience muscles, and deal better with set-backs.

What you can expect:

•    Playful and creative approaches to gently guide you out of your comfort zone – all while being in the trusting hands of our amazing, qualified coaches.

•    Coaching exercises such as identifying your Inner Leader (opposed to your Inner Critic), mindfulness, and improv approaches.

•    A supportive and safe learning environment with like-minded people, who are all in the same “boat” as you ;)

•    A unique outdoor setting, on the beautiful Kitsilano Showboat Stage, just a 10 min bus ride from Downtown Vancouver

PLUS: We’ll be following up the workshop a week later with a live group video chat. This way, we can reflect on our learnings again, re-connect with fellow attendees and coaches, share successes, ask questions, and co-design steps to include in your daily life for a more confident you.

This workshop will set you up on a journey towards more confidence. By attending you will:

•    Discover and learn how to use the strengths of your Inner Leader

•    Learn practical exercises and tips through mindfulness and improv that you can use in everyday life

•    Network with like-minded people and gain accountability.


Here's the best part:

Everyone in our Newsletter Community and our CoachMe Community Facebook Group has access to our CoachMe Friends discount.

You'll get 
30% off the General Admissions Ticket price. Tickets will never be available for purchase at lower price.

Use promo code CoachMeFriends at check-out for a General Admissions Ticket to secure your 30% off.
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Isn't it stunning? I took this photo on the 1st evening of our location hunt. 

Just a 10 minute bus ride from downtown Vancouver, the beautiful setting of the Kits Showboat will really enhance our Hello Confidence! experience.

We can't wait to guide you on your confidence journey.
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Check out what's coming up!

<< Test First Name >> - Check out what's coming up!
Hello <<First Name>>,

I'd love to let you in on a super special summer event we're currently planning. Well, actually I can't tell you that much yet (top secret).

BUT it's going to be at a unique OUTDOOR location that we confirmed last night, and we'll be covering a topic some of you have been talking with me about for a loooong time.

I'm sooo excited! Stay tuned for more updates - hopefully by the end of this week!
We're also in the final stages of preparing to onboard more coaches! Hurray! 

And you know what that means?
Yes, that's right!

Even more amazing coaches to connect with!
Even more amazing tips to thrive!
Even more amazing podcasts to check out!
I'm also super happy to announce that we're a proud community partner for the "Empowering Mothers in Career Transition" event hosted by the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) as part of Women Deliver 2019, the world’s largest conference on the health, rights, and the wellbeing of women and girls, which starts this Sunday in Vancouver.

Diversity and Inclusion is a major value for CoachMe. So, we're excited to help SCWIST with the event, who have been very supportive of CoachMe from the beginning. 

Join us on June 2nd. Tickets are available
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Books for the long weekend ahead

📗 📖 📚 Books for the long weekend ahead
Hello <<First Name>>,

I often get asked if I know a good book.

This question causes my mind to go into overdrive! Because... where do I possibly start?! There are too many that are more than just 'good'! 

To make reference easier, I started listing some of these books in our Reading Nook on the CoachMe website and included recommended books from some of our CoachMe-featured coaches too. 

If you're looking for a great non-fiction book, why not head over there and browse or buy? Full disclosure, some of the links in this email are affiliated links. 
Check out the full CoachMe Reading Nook
Here are some of my personal favourites from the CoachMe Reading Nook
I first came across this book a few years ago during leadership training in my corporate role, and I absolutely loved and identified with the idea that every person, every leader, can be a Multiplier by following certain disciplines.
A Multiplier is someone who walks "...into a room, light bulbs go off over people’s heads; ideas flow and problems get solved. These are the leaders who inspire employees to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations."
And the best part: "These five disciplines are not based on innate talent; indeed, they are skills and practices that everyone can learn to use."
Get it on Amazon
This is a small but mighty book about making tiny steps towards lasting change. A few years ago, my coach introduced me to this principle when I was overwhelmed. I organized my move and visa to Canada, wrapped up and handed over my corporate role that I loved, dealt with lots of unknowns, and made the difficult decision to relieve my old rescue cat of its sufferings. It was an intense time. Yet, this book and it's contents brought me confidence, helped me to better embrace change, brought clarity, and put me back in the driver's seat.
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My former manager introduced me to Simon Sinek. I have devoured Simon's TED talks and videos since then too. 

"Start with Why" is a must read for everyone who works with people. So, basically everyone ;) If you'd like to be more successful, more innovative, have loyal and thriving relationships at work and at home, then you have to start with why.

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"The path to personal and professional fulfillment is rarely straight... Emotional agility is a revolutionary, science-based approach that allows us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind."

Life is rarely straightforward and easy. This book has helped me be more self-compassionate, and to build up my resilience levels. 
Get it on Amazon
If you'd like to share your reading insights or discuss a particular book, why not do so with like minded people in our CoachMe Community Facebook Group?

We launched the group about 2.5 weeks ago and already have 70 members - all looking to thrive through coaching.
We hold each other accountable to achieve goals, share tips and resources, support each other, and are looking forward to exclusive announcements and giveaways. If you're interested too, please join us. 
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Celebrating last week's experiences...

Celebrating last week's experiences...
Hello <<First Name>>,
We did it! Our Coaching Experience Workshop last week was filled with thoughtful deep conversations, smiles, engaged group interactions, new connections, and plenty of new learnings.

Feedback included "It's like a door opened up tonight." and "I feel full. It was yummy.", the latter in reference to the event being promoted as a taster menu for coaching.

What stood out most from the workshop were the connections made between like-minded people, a shared passion for supporting each other to thrive, seeing our self-awareness tools in action, and of course, the coaching itself!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who chose to spend their evening with us!
If you couldn’t make it to the event or if you'd like to continue the conversation with like minded people and CoachMe-featured coaches, you're invited to join our brand-new CoachMe Community Facebook Group. 

You'll get your accountability buddies and be surrounded by like-minded people. We engage with questions, share tips, celebrate each others successes, and much more - all with a coaching approach.
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How to fight our Inner Critic and Imposter Syndrome 💥

How to fight our Inner Critic and Imposter Syndrome 💥
Hello <<First Name>>,

Do you have these nagging thoughts in your head too?

"It won't work out anyways!"
"I'm not qualified enough!"
"I'm too young/old!"

...the list goes on and on.

Before you know it, you've talked yourself out of something that could genuinely make your life easier, happier, more fulfilled, or successful - whatever that means to you specifically - before you even get started. 

There might be two related but slightly different phenomena at work here: 
Imposter Syndrome and your Inner Critic.

While both topics are big enough to write entire books about, we've provided two resources below that might help.

What is an Inner Critic, also known as Saboteur?  
"Saboteurs are your invisible agents of self-sabotage. They represent your brain’s automatic mental habits with limiting beliefs and assumptions about how to handle life’s challenges. They include the Judge, Controller, Avoider, Victim, Stickler and 5 others. Your Saboteurs cause all your stress, unhappiness and negative feelings." according to Positive Intelligence

Listen to the Podcast or watch the recording on YouTubeYou Are Enough! Challenge Your Inner Critic!
What is Imposter Syndrome? 
They are "common feelings of fraudulence; feelings that you haven’t earned an accomplishment or that your ideas and skills are not worthy of others’ attention”, according to Elizabeth Cox.

Read our new blog on Imposter Syndrome.
Do you have it too?
If you'd like to chat further about how to tackle your Inner Critic or Imposter Syndrome, we'd love to see you at this week's Coaching Experience Workshop

With special promo code CoachMe22 you'll get 22% off your ticket price. 
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We're celebrating! 🎉

We're celebrating! 🎉
Hello <<First Name>>,
We're celebrating International Coaching Week and have launched our very own CoachMe Community Group on Facebook! 


This group is for like-minded people like YOU
  • to actively engage,
  • thrive & be inspired,
  • get accountability to reach your goals,
  • share tips,
  • celebrate successes together,
  • get exclusive giveaways & announcements,
  • and so much more - all with a coaching approach.
Become one of our Founding Members while we're striving to build the best coaching community!
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By the way, we've still got a few tickets available for our Speed Coaching Evening Workshop with our CoachMe Coaches.

May 9th | Vancouver | Face-To-Face

Yes, this is for you if:
  • You’d like to give coaching a try but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve had enough of how you feel or where you are right now, and are ready to make changes.
  • You’re curious to explore how coaching can support you in a more thriving, happier, fulfilled, confident, authentic, balanced life, career or business.
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That's it for now! We're grateful to have you with us and if there's anything we can do for you, please let us know.

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