Nadine Stille - CoachMe Founder

Nadine Stille Founder - Coaching Business - CoachMe Vancouver

“Everybody deserves to thrive and shine!”

I'm dedicated to making our diverse communities an even better place to be. As Founder of CoachMe, I draw from my diverse knowledge, experience, and skills gained through over 15 years of international work experience, in 6 different countries, across different sectors in both small and global companies, to help both coaches and coachees thrive and shine. Hosting the CoachMe Podcast, as well as events and workshops, raising awareness on Social Media and as a speaker/ facilitator in person, and collaborating with and supporting our online CoachMe Community group are just some of the activities I absolutely enjoy as part of running CoachMe. 

I'm naturally curious; I'm a lifelong learner, and a connector. Asking questions as part of my job, and helping people come together to learn and excel is a dream come true.

Having worked with coaches, being a coachee, and using the coaching approach as part of my leadership role in a global software company, I personally experienced the powerful results that can be achieved. I can honestly say that without a coach, I would not be here today at this stage with so much accomplished, feeling the way I feel, and with such a sense of purpose & drive.

Nadine Stille - Coach Branding - Coach Consultant - CoachMe Vancouver

What I value personally, directly influences the way I like to collaborate, and are reflected in our CoachMe Values:

  • We Listen with curiosity to grow and learn.

  • We Connect with compassion, authenticity, and integrity.

  • We Thrive in a diverse and inclusive community.

So, let’s Listen. Connect. Thrive.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

“I am very fortunate to have met Nadine Stille. Nadine is such a joy to work with and she genuinely wants me to shine.

As a current Featured Coach with CoachMe Vancouver, Nadine has gone above and beyond to help me prepare my bio, my online profile, and for our podcast recording, ensuring that I am representing myself in the best possible way, while staying true to myself. Working with Nadine has been a very personalized experience. She's been very kind, caring, patient, and professional with me.

I am truly grateful and would highly recommend Nadine as your Business Consultant/Coach.”

- Betty Lam - Associate Coach at The University of British Columbia and Certified Life Coach at Your Intuitive Journey