Lara Marchionni Jones

Leadership, Career & Life Coach in Vancouver

Life Coach in Vancouver - Lara Marchionni Jones

My coaching practice includes career coaching, life coaching, and leadership coaching and I help my clients “Uncover the diamond hidden within each individual to help them realize their full potential”. My coaching approach is deeply rooted in my Co-Active coaching training and draws upon the various elements of my professional life (career coaching, teaching and teacher training).

One thing that really excites me is working with entrepreneurs. It is very rewarding to see them realize their dreams through their passion, determination, and goal setting. I love working with clients who are ready to step up, step out and do non-ordinary things to create extraordinary lives. I am a Life Coach in Vancouver whose biggest values are: Community, Integrity, Self-awareness, Learning, and Empowerment. I work hard to live by these values each day.

Others might describe me as a firecracker and a people person. Individuals who work with me experience someone who is present and highly intuitive. Moreover, I listen with genuine curiosity, and ask powerful questions that allow others to go deeper and find their own most authentic gifts. I also challenge them to identify and own their patterns as well as notice new realms of possibilities.

What drives me? When a client has a genuine ‘aha!’ moment that shocks them to the core and leaves them speechless for a few seconds! Self-awareness and self-discovery can really make a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

Lara: “I empower others in finding their inner most authentic gifts through life and leadership coaching.”

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