Joanna Li, CPCC, ACC

Transformative Coach in Vancouver

Certified Coach in Vancouver - Joanna Li

Joanna Li is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), trained by CTI®, the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world. She is the owner of Joanna Li Coaching and her life purpose is to “fearlessly inspire others to lead fulfilling lives.” She believes that, inside everyone, there is a fire to be ignited. She helps people find their fire, empowering them to break free from self-limiting beliefs so that they can show up in the world as their most authentic selves. Nothing gives Joanna more happiness as a Vancouver Career Coach than seeing someone glow with clarity, confidence and purpose as a result of her help.

When Joanna is not working on her job or business, she volunteers as a mentor for YWIB, YWCA and the Immigrant Council of BC to further fulfill her life purpose. You’ll also find her on badminton courts and ultimate Frisbee fields.

Joanna lives in Vancouver with her husband, Dennis, and their dog, Slinky.

Joanna: “I am a coach and workshop creator that inspires others to break free of their self-limiting beliefs and live a life of fulfillment, clarity and purpose. I am inspired to help others to live in alignment with their purpose. With this end goal in mind, my focus is on helping my clients overcome the fears that stand in their way, so that they take enlightened actions towards leading a purposeful life.”

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