Ingrid Timmermans

Co-Active Life Coach in Vancouver

Life Coach in Vancouver - Ingrid Timmermans

Your dreams and life goals are way too important to be ignored. Your life is far too meaningful for you to take a passenger seat on this journey. Success in life requires you to be in the driver’s seat. Not tomorrow or next year, but right now. 

As a Co-Active Life Coach, I’m standing for your full potential. Let’s get you fired up and full of vibrant energy to start achieving your goals and live the life you dream of. Let’s work together to turn you into your best self!

What will you get when you book a coaching session with me? You will:

  • Receive clarity about what is really going on

  • Remain focussed on what really matters to you

  • Get your choice back

  • Be empowered to stand for your richest, most successful life 

  • Be guided towards letting go of your limitations

Why do I care so much? Because there was a time in my life when I wasn’t in the driver’s seat.

Three years ago, I had just immigrated from the Netherlands and I found myself sitting in a dark cubicle, working just “to pay the bills”. My colleagues forgot to invite me for lunch, and I felt lonely. I was unmotivated and longed for something bigger, something I actually wanted to do.

I postponed my happiness, telling myself that I would be happier once I got a promotion, or received that invite to lunch with my co-workers. My job and work environment were sucking all the energy out of me, it felt like rock bottom and I needed to quit my job. And I did. A year later. One more year of feeling miserable, stuck, and empty inside.

My transformation took time. However, it all changed so much quicker when I experienced coaching. Coaching helped me become crystal clear about my passions, values, and life purpose.

Now, as a trained Co-Active coach myself, I bring all this knowledge and personal experience to my clients. I help clarify what a successful life means to them, and how to get there.

If that’s what you want too, let's connect and talk about how we can get you moving towards a richer, more fulfilled life full of passion!

Ingrid: “My superpower is leading you towards your true self. You have the choice between sitting on the sideline, waiting while your life glides by, or taking action into a life where nothing stops you marching towards your dreams. What’s it going to be?

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