Hellen Yang, CPCC, PCC

Professional Life Coach in Vancouver & Financial Wellness Coach

Life Coach in Vancouver - Hellen Yang

Hellen is passionate about helping you realize your dreams. Utilizing Hellen’s skills and knowledge as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and as a Financial Planner with more than 10 years experience, she integrates personalized financial planning with a coach’s approach to help you recognize blind spots, clarify priorities, and identify actionable steps to overcome hurdles and make your dreams become reality.

Continuous learning, growth, and meaningful interactions are values close to her heart, and she believes the power of focusing on the whole human being first. A wise person once said “When life works, work works,” she believes when life works, everything works.

As a Vancouver Life Coach, Hellen’s dream is to help you live a fulfilling life. Hellen pursues her personal dreams with equal ambition and enthusiasm. She has travelled 32 countries and has met the most amazing people, she has eaten the strangest and spiciest foods in China, she has learned salsa dancing in Colombia, she has exchanged English/Spanish/Mandarin language classes in Spain, she has swum with whale sharks in the Philippines, she has climbed the pyramids in Egypt; and she has cycled across various bike trails in our beautiful British Columbia, Canada with continuous new dreams to fulfill.

Last but not least, Hellen is super curious about YOU, and is looking forward to connecting!

Hellen: “I’m a Financial Wellness Coach, who is not only helping you to get “in shape” but is also empowering you to stay “in shape”…whatever “in shape” means to you from your financial wellness perspective.”

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