Dana Smith, CPCC

Life & Success Coach in Vancouver

Certified Coach in Vancouver - Dana Smith

Dana Smith is an authority on engaged living who helps others see the wonder in the world, find their inner spark, know their potential, and live in fulfillment.

As a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), a registered massage therapist, yoga practitioner, and active lifestyle enthusiast Dana has worked extensively with the body and has developed a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body connection. This appreciation, her natural curiosity, playfulness, and appetite for learning, along with her formal Co-Active coach training, are the foundation of Dana’s coaching.

Through a dynamic collaborative process, her coaching sessions focus on discovering one’s deepest personal power and aligning one’s life with it to achieve a deeply nourishing sense of fulfillment and empowerment.

As a Vancouver Life Coach, her clients range from those struggling to find a new normal amid health issues and transitions to thriving individuals wanting a more purposeful life. Dana creates space for everyone to be seen and heard, and to come to see themselves, as whole, resilient, and potent.

Dana: I am a life coach particularly interested in the concept of personal resilience and the process of defining and practicing it in all aspects of life.”

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