What is the Wheel of Life and Why You Need One

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The Wheel of Life is one of the most used coaching tools. It’s an impactful self-assessment and self-discovery tool to help you visualize different aspects of your life. Creating self-awareness that way can be a very powerful experience. The Wheel of Life can then also be used for setting and tracking personal and professional goals.

We’ve created a Wheel of Life set for you to download, available in both pdf format and as an interactive spreadsheet.

Each set contains 5 different Wheels of Life and instructions. It’s your choice which one to use. You even have the option to create your very own with a customizable template:

  • Health/ Wellness/ Work-Life topics

  • Job & Career

  • Personal Growth & Interpersonal Relationships

  • Corporate/ Organizational

  • Create Your Own – template

You can use the tool for your own personal reflection, but it will also make an excellent, valuable conversation starter for your 1st coaching session. (Book My Coach)

It’s important to note that whatever you reflect on and discover is a “state of being” for that particular day. You can use the Wheel of Life to set your personal and professional goals and re-use the tool to track your progress.