Top 5 Daily Routines for Introverts to Thrive

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Guest blog by Faris Khalifeh

I’m an introvert. What does that mean? In super simple terms, introverts gain energy when they are away from stimulation and lose energy when they are exposed to stimulation. Therefore, as introverts, managing our energy is very important.

For me personally, understanding this “energy management” logic changed my life drastically to the positive. I became a better person, both on a personal and on a professional level. In my personal life, I became more present and engaged, especially when I’m around friends and family. And at work, I became more productive and efficient.

Below are my top 5 daily energy management routines and my favourite recommendations:

1. Meditation

2. Journaling

  • This is a good way for me to brain dump everything on my mind, even after meditation. I prefer a simple notebook and pen.

3. Intentional quiet and alone time twice a day

4. Mini breaks

  • Throughout the day, I will make sure to have a few minutes to recharge. Back-to-back meetings are a no-go for me. I plan my breaks on my Google calendar and make it a point to use break times to switch off from electronics, and either go for a walk or meditate.

5. Walks in nature

  • Whenever I can, I go outside. My favourite walks in Vancouver are along the Coal Harbour Sea Wall and around Stanley Park. 

Even though these routines are simple, I find them very effective. And, looking at the feedback from my clients, they seem to have the same experiences.

What are your energy management routines?


This is a guest blog by Faris Khalifeh. Faris coaches values-driven introverts to uncover and embrace who they are to leverage their natural strengths. Find out more about Faris.

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