How to make this your Best Year EVER in the next 4 months!

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2019 Year End Success Tips

Now that summer’s coming to a close and we’re all back to full-on work mode, let’s set you up to achieve all your remaining 2019 goals.

Blog by CoachMe Founder Nadine Stille

Coaching Question:

What needs to be in place for you to make 2019 your best year yet!

My plans to finish this year on an absolute high will be challenging, to be honest. Already, it’ll be a tight schedule to complete everything that’s on my radar for the rest of 2019. There are several work projects, including several upcoming coaching blogs, a personal project that links to my work, several social engagements and celebrations, as well as workshops & networking events I’d like to attend, and this is before all the topics I’m not even aware of yet that will also fill up my calendar. Oh, and let’s not forget, the dedicated fun & quiet time I’ll set aside just for me! I do treasure and honour time for self-care.

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What does your schedule look like going into September? How are you going to make it work?

Personally, I really want to stay on track, deliver on my goals while enjoying the ride, and finish this year off on an absolute high.

“The most empowering resource I discovered for myself was coaching”

As I’m writing this, I know full well that my schedule and engagements are somewhat self-imposed. Some are commitments, where I have pledged to make things happen but, in a lot of these activities, I do have a choice. I don’t have to do every single item on my work and personal calendar. There’s no “I should be doing this or that” going on. No! I get to do these tasks.

However, I know that in the workplace, not everyone has a choice in their day-to-day activities (even though this is a discussion topic I’d love to take up some other time). Being able to have the mindset of getting to do certain tasks has helped to energize me, but this mindset also developed alongside some hard-earned realities.

In order to succeed in my life and career…

I learned, and, to be honest, am still learning to set boundaries and pace myself, to recognise and choose what aligns with my values & strengths, to trust my mind and body when they need a break, and to be ok with saying ‘no’.

As far as I can think back, the last few months of the year, or Q4 - how I used to know it in corporate terms - has always been fully packed and the key to success meant ensuring that challenging goals and targets were met.

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In what condition is your tool set?

At some stage, I realized that I can thrive through these stressful times, or any other challenging situations, when I utilize all the resources available to me. There is strength in realizing that you don’t have to push through all on your own, head-down, with your determination as your only success factor. A key to achieving all your goals in life and your career is working and living smarter, not harder.

Possible resources could be an accountability partner, a daily reminder in my calendar to take a break and re-charge, a workgroup, finding out that my dreaded tasks are actually someone else’s dream activities and they’d love to support me, or simply asking for help in whatever shape or form. Implementing any of these success tips can help make you most effective through year end.

The most empowering resource I discovered for myself was coaching, largely because coaching led me to find even more resources!

It’s an incredibly satisfying experience to discover that you’ve had the answers already within you, and that your amazing coach asked you the right questions to help you recognize all these powerful solutions.

This is also one of the reasons that I started CoachMe Vancouver. And, as its not just CEOs and managers who need coaching, it’s my goal and passion to make coaching more accessible to everyone – especially as we work towards achieving all our 2019 goals.

You’re invited to our coaching workshop “CoachMe Strong & Mindful For Year End”. This event is an opportunity to experience coaching for the very first time or, for those who’ve benefitted from coaching before, this coaching fix will help you discover your personal success tips for year end, all designed to gear you up to ace your 2019.

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Who is this workshop for?

If any of this sounds familiar, you'll most likely benefit from joining us:

  • “Year-end activities will be crazy at work."

  • “There’s so much to do and organize, I don’t know where to start."

  • "Where do I find time to breathe amongst the upcoming holidays, socializing activities, and work projects?"

  • “So much to do, and I simply don’t know when to do it all."

Habit #7 “Sharpen the Saw

I’d like to leave you with one of Stephen R. Covey’s habits from his international bestseller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“Sharpen the Saw” is about making sure you’re set up for success, by investing in yourself and having the best resources and tools available for the best possible execution of a job or activity. In Covey’s book he uses an example to better visualize what he means with this habit. A lumberjack must “Sharpen the Saw” before he or she sets out to cut trees, rather than jump right into the job with a blunt tool.

Covey says: “Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – you! We must never be too busy to Sharpen the Saw.”

And with that in mind, I invite you to take the time to invest in yourself, and to strongly and mindfully prepare to absolutely ace your last few months of 2019!

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As always, thank you for reading our coaching blog, we look forward to hearing how our success tips worked for you.