How to make the most of the summer outdoors when you're working

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Want to be healthy, get more balance, and enjoy the outdoors this summer? Life coaching can help you achieve success in your goals.

Are you stuck working inside while summer is happening outside right now? We’ve got some great success tips to help you make time for the outdoors which will have positive effects on your stress levels, work environment, and motivation, while also bringing you several health benefits.

Both this article from Thrive Global and this one in Forbes discuss the benefits of spending more time outdoors. Positive effects include being more creative and mindful, boosts in productivity as well as in concentration and short term memory. Time outdoors sparks your inspiration, while decreasing stress levels.

It’s time to set some summer health goals. Below are some suggestions that will help get you started. Rally your colleagues and friends to join you outside, and even forward these success tips to your manager to start creating an even more positive work environment.

Ready? Great!

Coaching Question:

What are some powerful ways you can reap the benefits of being outdoors this summer?

Imagine what you can do with being happier, more creative and productive, and less stressed and healthier. Here are some solutions a coaching session may tease out of you:

Before Work Starts

Did you know that in Vancouver, we have nearly 15 hours of sunshine everyday during the summer months? You can achieve success in life, your career, and in your health goals by taking advantage of the extra outdoors time.

Why not follow the sun, get up at sunrise at around 5:30/6 am, and go outside for an early morning walk or run?

The air’s still fresh and bearable, there’s less traffic, and you might be surprised by how many people actually seize the summer morning hours outdoors.

Coaching Blogs - Health Benefits - Success Tips - CoachMe Vancouver

It’s a beautiful way to start the day and set yourself up for success. You could also incorporate an outdoor activity like a bike ride, or a mindfulness or yoga session. If you can, a swim in the ocean, nearby lake, or pool would be a refreshing start too.

And while you’re up early, you might as well get to work earlier. This will hopefully give you the opportunity to leave earlier too, so you can enjoy the outdoors even more in the afternoon hours.

On Your Way To & From Work

The effects of stress from commuting can be significant, and may impact your entire day. Can you ditch the car or public transport, even for just part of the commute, and either walk, run, or cycle? This might even be a faster option to get from A to B, especially during peak commuting hours.

Plus, you’ll get to be outdoors and exercise at the same time. Every step counts towards achieving success in your health goals.

Meeting Time

Take your 1-on-1 meetings outside whenever possible. Walking side-by-side, not sitting opposite each other with constant direct eye contact, can lead people to relax more, open up, and be more trusting.

Having a team meeting in a local park can work wonders for creativity and morale. Don’t we all deserve a break from PowerPoint every now and then?

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During Your Breaks

Have your coffee shop drink or your lunch outside while walking, sitting on a bench, or even in a park or on the rooftop terrace of your building.

Also, opening a few windows to let in a fresh breeze and more oxygen while you’re out might be a good idea too.

Flexible Work Hours

If you have flexible work hours, see if you can split them, so you can spend part of your summer day outside and work later in the evening instead.

It all sounds so simple and obvious, but sometimes the simplest are the best answers. This is why we need coaching, the answers already lie within us, and an effective coach can tease them out and help you get clarity.

From the CoachMe Community:

During a recent exchange in our CoachMe Community Facebook Group, some members shared their approaches to summer enjoyment while working. Read on about their personal experiences, fun ideas, and practical success tips.

Coaching Blog - Health Goals - Achieve Success In Life - CoachMe Vancouver

Isabela de la Rosa, Account Manager and Trainer at Kprime Technologies: “I make sure I get my fair share of "the outside" before work - this is the only time of year I actually get up early to go for a run! Also, I incorporate the outside as much as I can during the day. Take a phone call while walking outside, taking a beach lunch break, having my morning meditation in the warm sun. I'm also not shy about shifting my work schedule so I can finish up early and enjoy the many activities around town after work...”

Candice Dermo, Production Coordinator at Electronic Arts, mentioned that there’s no better excuse for taking a meeting outside when the weather is bright and sunny. “A quick walk, a sit down in the park or a work lunch date outdoors. There are not only so many benefits to getting up from your desk, there is nothing like sunshine to lift your mood or help you problem solve.”

Coaching Blog - Success Tips - Health Goals - CoachMe Vancouver

Niki Inglis, who runs yoga trainings and retreats in Vancouver and globally as part of The Java Yoga Solution, incorporates the health benefits of spending quality time outdoors by regularly taking her admin work to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. Getting outside also makes this part of her job more enjoyable, allowing her to soak up the sun. Occasionally, she even takes her kids along too so they can work on their high school and university assignments.

On a side note:

When spending lots of time outdoors, please remember to be sun-savvy. Think about essentials such as sunglasses, sun cream, a sun hat, and plenty of water.

Before setting up work meetings outdoors, think about accessibility and other potential requirements for everyone in your team to make it an inclusive experience for all.

If you want a better life, more balance, or simply to be happier at work, career and life coaching can help put you on the right path to success. Book your free initial coaching session with one of our amazing, trained coaches.

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