How to Guest Blog for CoachMe Vancouver

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Great seeing you here! We’d love to hear from you! Yes, you!

Why? Publishing your blogs with us about your expertise, your experience, tips and tricks, as well as your thought-provoking topics, will help elevate you, showcase your knowledge, and benefit the CoachMe Vancouver Community.

Thank you for your interest in playing a central part of the CoachMe Vancouver Contributor Community as a guest blogger. We’re actively inviting our listeners, readers, potential coachees, and coaches to contribute with relevant and related content.

You might have some questions as to how your blog gets published on CoachMe. That’s why we’ve outlined a few important points. Please take a moment to read our blog guidelines below before submitting your blog post.

1. Here’s what we’d love to read about:

  • Coaching - Success stories from both coachees and coaches, coaching approaches, insights into coaching

  • Leadership/ Corporate/ Organizational – Topics about workplace culture, team building, engagement, growth, leadership, executive presence

  • Health, Wellness, Work/ Life Integration - Mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, healthy living, stress management, happiness, fitness, financial wellbeing, grit, embracing imperfections, mindfulness

  • Job and Career – Job changes, getting ahead at work, productivity, courage, diversity and inclusion

  • Personal Growth, Interpersonal Relationships – Romantic, work, and family relationships, overcoming challenges, confidence, parental stories and tips, emotional intelligence, resilience

2. If there’s a topic you believe should be listed but currently isn’t, please reach out to us at

3. Quote and link all your statistics, sources and facts, ensuring they are from reputable and trusted sources.

4. Please be respectful of confidentiality and careful not to tell stories about people who haven’t given their consent and/ or can be identified by what you’re writing.

5. In order to comply with laws regarding hidden advertising, we do not publish blogs that are directly promotional and/ or endorsing products and services, or link to products and services for promotional and/ or endorsing efforts.

6. We look forward to publishing guest content within the above-mentioned areas. When writing, we respectfully ask you to keep the CoachMe Values in mind, and refrain from using offensive, and/ or inappropriate language and content. We reserve the right to decline your submission if this is not adhered to.

7. Ensure you have permission to use any photos, videos, or other content.

8. You can submit your articles and blogs that have been published previously somewhere else.

9. There is no limit to how often you can submit content.

10. How to write a blog in the first place?

  • Outline your blog topic, define the text into a headline, sub-headline, and paragraphs for the main text.

  • Include a main picture. If you chose to include further pictures, please clearly indicate which picture will be the main picture. All pictures should .jpg or .png format.

  • You might also find this article helpful: A 10-Point Checklist For Writing A Killer Blog Post

  • Ideally, write somewhere between 400-900 words. However, if your message comes through in fewer words or you’re feeling inspired to write more, we’re all up for it.

  • Let us know about you, and include your name and occupation so we can credit you accordingly once you’re published.

Send your blog as a word document, along with the pictures you’d like to use, to We aim to publish as soon as possible. Publication time depends on how many submissions our editorial team is working on at any one time.  Congratulations for submitting a blog to CoachMe. We’ll be back in touch.