When Coaching Takes You Outside Your Comfort Zone And Why This Is Good

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I want a better career! Try a coaching session to guide you outside of your comfort zone.

“You say coaching will be uncomfortable sometimes? Really? Why would I want to be in a coaching relationship?” “Because outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens.”

Further good news: whether defining your career path, or your key to success in life, you’ll have the strengthening opportunity to make it through the uncomfortable times successfully, with your coach acting as a safety net.

You may want a better career, or to lose weight, or you may want to be successful in some other important area in your life. With continued coaching and feedback, an effective coach will:

  • take a holistic approach, helping you to identify your goals, and to visualize what your personal success story looks like

  • guide you towards discovering the best steps to achieving these goals

  • hold you accountable every single time, the key to success in life is in you

  • help you maintain your confidence and motivation when it gets tough

  • cheer you on while you run through the finish line

So, visualize all the good things ahead of you, even when it gets a little scary or overwhelming. See that successful career path materialize. You want to be successful in life, and through your coaching define what that success story is to you.

Maybe even follow Benedict Cumberbatch’s enthusiasm, who said that “Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun,” or get inspired by Shannon L. Alder’s quote that “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”

Here’s a question for you: when you consider being outside of your comfort zone, what do you think that looks like? What does that feel like?

If you’ve said to yourself “I want a better career”, are you thinking about all the excitement when you’re about to start your first business? Are you dreading talking with your manager about a promotion or salary raise? Are you slightly anxious about saying “no” to more work and “yes” to more of your home life?

Whatever your specific challenge is, it’s most likely going to be an actual grand action, a big thing. And if you’ve never done something like this before, or aren’t aware of what the action might entail, it’s likely going to make you uncomfortable. To build up the confidence and grit, something else will most likely have to happen first.

And that’s when Your Coach comes in, where you’ll start working on your goals “behind the scenes”, so to say. The uncomfortable situations will arise during your coaching sessions first, which you’ll have to go through in order to be successful with the grand actions.

Let’s have a look:


Part of the coaching experience is to be absolutely truthful, not just with Your Coach but mainly with and about yourself.

“Do Not Lie to Yourself. We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.” - Roy T. Bennett

You cannot build something amazing on a lie or half-truth. So, being absolutely authentic, listening to what your mind and body are telling you, is paramount to your success story. It takes courage to be honest about what you’re truly feeling and thinking. But there’s no way around it. Start with the truth.


Be prepared for some challenging questions and hard truths. Coaches are great listeners and observers. Through coaching and feedback, they will hold up a mirror and question you about what’s really going on.


Once you know and acknowledge the truth, you have to be open about it. Say it out loud, and, in time, feel comfortable with some things you may not usually acknowledge. Do you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders yet?

Being open, also means embracing the entire coaching experience, trusting the coaching process, and trying out new things.

However, the basis of an effective coaching relationship is trust. And that goes both ways. If some of the uncomfortable topics or questions go way outside what you can commit to, you’ll also need to be open about this with Your Coach.


“Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end...because in the end, it shows you a whole new world! Make an attempt!” - Manoj Arora

Be ready for change. When you’re open, truthful, and fully committed to the challenge, change will come.

Remember though, that not all success stories follow a direct path.

The higher the goal, the more likely you’ll have to work through set-backs and hurdles if you want to be successful.

Your Coach will challenge you and help you through these times, so you’ll emerge faster and stronger at the other end. Sometimes change and success come faster and better than expected.

The true transformation will first be visible within yourself. You’ll have more clarity, focus, and confidence. It’ll show in how you show up for yourself, for others, for your job, and for whatever is important to you.

Working through uncomfortable situations within yourself, will eventually lead to change and success in the outside world. Let your coaching define how you will build on that when going for the grand action, the big thing, the request for a salary raise, the business you start, and the “yes” for you.

An amazing coach will challenge and guide you through change and uncomfortable situations towards the goals you want to achieve. It’ll be most effective when you engage in your coaching relationship fully committed, the key to success in life is within you.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’ll be worth it!