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Hello! My name is Nadine, I’m the Founder of CoachMe Vancouver

What was it that first drew you to coaching?

Did you have an exhilarating experience being coached yourself? Or was it the thrill of having coached someone to get their 1st break-through? Or something else entirely?

What keeps you excited about coaching?

Is it the endorphin rush you see when a client leaves a coaching session with more confidence and clarity about their future? Or is it the fact that your clients keep creating the most amazing outcomes? Do you find the impact you have, of helping to create a more positive and lasting change, slightly addictive?

I totally hear you! I really do!

Because I’ve been there, and I still am – with you.

You see, I love bringing diverse people together and helping them thrive!

It’s all about making this local and global community a much better place to be! And coaching is one of the most powerful, transformative tools there is to achieve that.

First of all, more people need to know about and, most importantly, get to experience coaching and the outstanding results it can bring.

Coaching is not just for CEOs and Managers.

And then of course, more coaches, like you, need a platform to play big, be seen, be heard, and do more of what they love. Coaching!

That’s where CoachMe comes into play!

CoachMe has become the platform for coaches to build their coaching business, to be heard and seen in a personalized, authentic way by a wider audience.

Running your own coaching website and engaging constantly on social media takes precious time away from you being able to coach. CoachMe Featured Coaches experience an increased online presence; you’ll have dedicated space on that you can use to market your coaching business, you’ll be highlighted with your own episode on the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast, while being promoted through our CoachMe Newsletter Community and social media channels.

We support you with a dedicated, relevant, and personalized approach to help you shine even more. The more you take advantage of your CoachMe Membership, the more benefits you’ll receive. 

In our local market research campaign, many coaches told us that they experience some frustration and even occasional isolation in their work, without the support of, and interaction with, peers and colleagues. Our members are part of a community of like-minded coaches and, best of all, they have access to participate in or lead exclusive CoachMe events, where they get to showcase their coaching expertise in front of potential clients. Your CoachMe Membership will provide you with a supportive community, to help you thrive and shine.

Like you, I also play big and have plans for CoachMe.

We have had many successes since launching in January, and there’s a whole lot more to come.

Right now, the CoachMe Community is expanding to help more coaches and coachees thrive!

I’d love to invite you to a no-strings-attached, informal chat with me about how being a Featured Coach at CoachMe can support you in doing more of what you love!

>> Simply book a time that works for you here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



P.S. If you can’t wait to find out more right now, you can read about becoming a Featured Coach at